ONTINYENT, 28th November 2018

ATEVAL has organized within the framework of the European project Inter-tex Sudoe a workshop included in the activity 2.7 Organization of capacity workshops addressed to people linked to the international department and business managers, who have export activity. The topics discussed have been the following:

A) Tools and good practices of “coopetition”

– Coopetition is a new vision of business; real cases have been presented by the speakers in companies where they have worked and explained the advantages of the application of this model in which the different companies with products, complementary or substitute, create a network in which they can cooperate to achieve sales, without forgetting that they also compete with each other.

B) Legal framework of the target markets: USA and Russia

Thematic focus

– The United States and Russia are two markets with a high growth potential for any company, by population and income; but at the same time very complex at legal level, since it requires the adaptation of the products to their own regulations.

The US is a mature market in which it can take 3 to 5 years to enter to obtain benefits, but with many opportunities and great volume of business.

Russia presents great opportunities since it imports more than 70% of the fabrics consumed and an estimated growth in technical textiles exceeds 10% in the coming years.

13 people from 10 companies of the region have participated in the workshop.


The European INTER-TEX project ( aims to promote the internationalization of SMEs in the textile and fashion sector by facilitating cooperation and the creation of new transnational value chains

In this context, it is foreseen that SMEs in the sector of Spain, France and Portugal can share the services of commercial platforms abroad.
What is a commercial platform of the Textile – Fashion sector?
It is a commercial office led by a team of experts in the textile and fashion sector located in a distant but potentially interesting market for companies in the sector.
The objective of the commercial platform is to offer support to SMEs in the textile and fashion sector in accessing the market, taking advantage of the benefits of cooperation between companies, which reduce implementation costs.
What commercial platforms are available to you in INTERTEX?
The current platforms offer advice to companies in the textile and fashion sector to accompany their internationalization in the selected market. In the context of the INTERTEX project there are three commercial platforms specialized in the sector, in the service of companies:
1. Asia-Pacific Platform
2. United States Platform
3. Germany Platform & Scandinavian Countries

Next week, the manager of the commercial platform in EE. UU., Will be in Barcelona. And one of the partners and leader of the project, MODACC, will take the opportunity to organize a small conference with her, to explain how the platform works, its advantages, etc. (see attached documents)

Decoding USA FASHION SYSTEM / June 29, 2018

Are you interested in the American market? Would you like to know how the American fashion system works?
Do you want to know how a sales platform in the US is working? UU.?
Does your company work in the fashion channel?
Is your company diversifying into the fashion channel?
How do you analyze and look for fashion distributors?
Do you sell fashion products in the United States and are you interested? to improve your back office and your after-sales system?

Mrs. Anna Batet, director of the MODACC sales platform in the US, will help us to know how the US fashion market, trade organization, fairs, showrooms and agents work
He will tell us how to present our fashion brands in the US market.
In addition, Anna Batet will explain how the commercial platform works:
• As a platform to enter the US market.
• As BackOffice and after-sales platform for fashion brands in the United States.

Conference day: Friday, June 29, 2018
10.00h – Decoding USA FASHION SYSTEM (Skype connection)

Companies interested in obtaining more information or to register in the Skype chat, contact Montse Bastús before June 26, your email: and telephone: 93 415 12 28


COMPANY MISSION to Miami, United States

 From the 4th till the 7th of June of 2018

The textile sector of the United States has a huge number of importations regard the number of exportations, and is expected that this trend will increase, with an annual import growth of 2,5% until 2020, due that the local industry is disappearing. The potential market of the sector is 90 million of habitants, so the opportunities for the Catalan companies are very important.

In the framework of the European project INTERTEX for the impulse of the internationalization of the SME of the textile sector in the SUDOE space, and in collaboration with MODACC (fashion Catalan cluster), has been organicing  the B2B mission to Miami from the 4th till the 7th of June.

This mission will provide participants with a global vision of the performance of the textile sector in the United States, as well as an accurate knowledge of the ecosystem of the State of Florida, entry forms, local partners… We will organize a B2B event specially designed to attract the attention of sales representatives and potentials buyers. The mission is addressed to the textile fashion companies with their own brand. Specialized in summer fashion, resort, swimming suits, travel retail and athleisure.  SEE THE LEAFLET



ATEVAL presented “Guide of accompaniment for the European programs”

On  1st December  ATEVAL presented “Guide of accompaniment for European programs” develops within the project INTERTEX-SUDOE “Joint strategies to promote the Internationalization of SMEs”.

This guide, developed within the framework of the Interreg Sudoe V Program, axis “Competitiveness of SMEs” project INTER-TEX, has been conceived as a practical tool for all European stakeholders of the textile and clothing sector, interested in projects of internationalization that can benefit from financial assistance and / or European support in internationalization.

It aims to facilitate the identification and characteristics of the main funding and support programs of the EU.

The assistants belong to the textile sector and they were informed about the activities of the project and they were given a copy of the guide.



E. 1.6.1_Deliverable_Accompanying_Guide_by_European_Programs_2016-2020_ES (1)



The 2nd transnational meeting of the INTER-TEX project took place in Valencia in March

The 2nd transnational meeting of the INTER-TEX project took place in Valencia in March

The consortium participated in the second transnational meeting of the INTER-TEX project held in Valencia on 8 and 9 March where the various tools and initiatives to be developed in the next six months have been defined, In favor of the internationalization of SMEs in the textile sector and the creation of the SUDOE space.

The Interreg project, approved by the Interreg SUDOE program, aims to promote the internationalization of SMEs in the textile and clothing sector of south-west Europe through public-private cooperation and the development of joint transnational strategies.

The project will cover the five areas in which the textile industry is concentrated in the SUDOE area: Galicia, Catalonia, Valencia, Northern Portugal and southern France (Mid-perineum).

For more information on the project:


INTER-TEX consortium meeting

INTER-TEX consortium meeting

Valencia, 8-9 March 2017

On 8 and 9 March, the INTER-TEX project consortium will hold its second project follow-up meeting.

The objective of the project is to promote the internationalization of SMEs in the textile sector in the regions forming the consortium.

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New poster and leaflet

New poster and leaflet

The poster and the first information leaflet of the project

It have been elaborated the poster and the first INTER-TEX information brochure. They contain a brief description of the project, the objectives and the main expected results.

You can download them on the “Documents” page.


Start the European project INTER-TEX

Start the European project INTER-TEX

Start the European project INTER-TEX with the aim of promoting the internationalization of SMEs.

Some regions of Spain, France and Portugal participate in a European project to boost the internationalization of its SMEs. This is the “INTER-TEX Project”, which has a budget of 1 million euros and which has the participation of entities from France, Portugal and Spain. The start of the project took place last October 13th in Igualada (Spain).

The INTER-TEX project, coordinated by the City Council of Igualada (Spain), has the participation of the Association of Textile Entrepreneurs of the Valencian Community (ATEVAL-Spain), the Textile Industries Confederation of Galicia (COINTEGA-Spain), ACCIÓ -The agency for the competitiveness of the company – the Catalan cluster of fashion, the Regional Development Agency of Vale do Ave (ADRAVE) and the Textile and Clothing Association (ATV) from Portugal and the French Union Des Industries Textiles Du Sud (ITU).

Through this project 150 SMEs will test various pilot tools to promote joint internationalization, such as the creation of commercial platforms in different markets, participation in fairs or the organization of promotional trade shows. The initiative lasts for 18 months.

The INTER-TEX project is funded by the Cooperation programme VB Southwest (INTERREG-SUDOE), which supports regional development through the co-financing of transnational projects through the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF).