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Task groups

Planning and conceptualization of activities

The objective of this task is to generate the Transnational Strategy for Internationalization of SMEs in the textile sector of the SUDOE space, by means of an initial diagnosis of the existing resources to optimize synergies and complementarities and to identify potential participants, their capacities, needs, etc.

Implementation of the internationalization tools

In this task, the execution of 6 tools for the Internationalization of SMEs will be implemented. In all of them, a series of internal activities will be carried out, such as stakeholder mapping, definition of objectives, prospecting, market research, sustainability strategies, legal framework, pricing policy, etc.

Definition of assessment indicators

The objective of this task is to define the indicators and methodology of quantitative and qualitative measurement to evaluate the results during the life of the project and their impact on the activities carried out, economic growth and job creation.