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SMEs in the textile - clothing sector of the SUDOE area share difficulties in internationalizing their products that need to be faced together: low cross-sectoral and inter-sectoral cooperation, limited resources and the difficulty of identifying opportunities in foreign markets due to the small size of the companies.

INTER-TEX promotes the joint internationalization of SMEs in the sector, boosting the supply and demand between the territories, activating trade cooperation initiatives and creating new transnational value chains.

The project is structured around the creation of:

A transnational network of cooperation

public and private to support the internationalization

6 internationalization support tools

for pilot testing.

During the project, the following products will be carried out:

Transnational network

The transnational network of public-private cooperation to support the internationalization of SMEs in the textile and clothing sector of the SUDOE region

Training workshops

Training workshops on internationalization and financing

Standard Shares Business

Standard Shares Business Internationalization

Transnational Groups

Transnational groups Joint Internationalization

Virtual fairs

Virtual fairs in target markets


A European trade-show promotion in a country of destination

Joint trading platforms

Joint trading platforms in two foreign countries

Made in Europe

Brand impulse “Made in Europe”

The pilot tools will be experienced by 150 SMEs. Furthermore, INTERTEX will provide the available results of the project to all the other actors in the textile sector, including tools to replicate and transfer support activities.