The European INTER-TEX project ( aims to promote the internationalization of SMEs in the textile and fashion sector by facilitating cooperation and the creation of new transnational value chains

In this context, it is foreseen that SMEs in the sector of Spain, France and Portugal can share the services of commercial platforms abroad.
What is a commercial platform of the Textile – Fashion sector?
It is a commercial office led by a team of experts in the textile and fashion sector located in a distant but potentially interesting market for companies in the sector.
The objective of the commercial platform is to offer support to SMEs in the textile and fashion sector in accessing the market, taking advantage of the benefits of cooperation between companies, which reduce implementation costs.
What commercial platforms are available to you in INTERTEX?
The current platforms offer advice to companies in the textile and fashion sector to accompany their internationalization in the selected market. In the context of the INTERTEX project there are three commercial platforms specialized in the sector, in the service of companies:
1. Asia-Pacific Platform
2. United States Platform
3. Germany Platform & Scandinavian Countries

Next week, the manager of the commercial platform in EE. UU., Will be in Barcelona. And one of the partners and leader of the project, MODACC, will take the opportunity to organize a small conference with her, to explain how the platform works, its advantages, etc. (see attached documents)

Decoding USA FASHION SYSTEM / June 29, 2018

Are you interested in the American market? Would you like to know how the American fashion system works?
Do you want to know how a sales platform in the US is working? UU.?
Does your company work in the fashion channel?
Is your company diversifying into the fashion channel?
How do you analyze and look for fashion distributors?
Do you sell fashion products in the United States and are you interested? to improve your back office and your after-sales system?

Mrs. Anna Batet, director of the MODACC sales platform in the US, will help us to know how the US fashion market, trade organization, fairs, showrooms and agents work
He will tell us how to present our fashion brands in the US market.
In addition, Anna Batet will explain how the commercial platform works:
• As a platform to enter the US market.
• As BackOffice and after-sales platform for fashion brands in the United States.

Conference day: Friday, June 29, 2018
10.00h – Decoding USA FASHION SYSTEM (Skype connection)

Companies interested in obtaining more information or to register in the Skype chat, contact Montse Bastús before June 26, your email: and telephone: 93 415 12 28