ONTINYENT, 28th November 2018

ATEVAL has organized within the framework of the European project Inter-tex Sudoe a workshop included in the activity 2.7 Organization of capacity workshops addressed to people linked to the international department and business managers, who have export activity. The topics discussed have been the following:

A) Tools and good practices of “coopetition”

– Coopetition is a new vision of business; real cases have been presented by the speakers in companies where they have worked and explained the advantages of the application of this model in which the different companies with products, complementary or substitute, create a network in which they can cooperate to achieve sales, without forgetting that they also compete with each other.

B) Legal framework of the target markets: USA and Russia

Thematic focus

– The United States and Russia are two markets with a high growth potential for any company, by population and income; but at the same time very complex at legal level, since it requires the adaptation of the products to their own regulations.

The US is a mature market in which it can take 3 to 5 years to enter to obtain benefits, but with many opportunities and great volume of business.

Russia presents great opportunities since it imports more than 70% of the fabrics consumed and an estimated growth in technical textiles exceeds 10% in the coming years.

13 people from 10 companies of the region have participated in the workshop.