ACCIÓ is the competitiveness agency of the Catalan Government. ACCIÓ main objective is to promote innovation and internationalization among Catalan enterprises (especially SME’s, as they represent 98% of all the enterprises in the region) as well as attracting inward investment. In addition, ACCIÓ has a network of 36 offices worldwide.

ACCIÓ gathers the experience and knowledge of over 20 years of track record from CIDEM and COPCA developing programs and support services for the Catalan companies. ACCIÓ is assigned to the Department of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia.

ACCIÓ is created to enhance the strategic support and boost the competitiveness of the Catalan business fabric to new global challenges. ACCIÓ was born for the benefit of the enterprises, placing them at the center of its attention and approaching them as much as possible to their reality and needs to accompany them in their process of competitive differentiation and continuous search for new business opportunities.

ACCIÓ work is aimed at facilitating enterprises to be aware of their environment changes, seize them and transform them, while enhancing those differentiating elements which place them in a position to lead into the future. ACCIÓ believes that this differentiation occurs primarily through two key vectors for business competitiveness: innovation and internationalization.

ACCIÓ wants to be the actor of reference in all actions aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the Catalan business fabric. Therefore, it has a professional team in Barcelona which, ​​along with six other offices in Catalonia, reinforces its multiplier effect and its commitment to service and proximity to the company.

ACCIÓ has a privileged tool to enable and expand the scope of your project: its network of 36 offices Foreign Trade and Investment of Catalonia and 4 antennas located around the world in strategic locations. From these offices, ACCIÓ detects and takes advantage of business opportunities that arise globally, but which requires a proximity and local knowledge expert. This network, multidisciplinary and multicultural, promotes the connection of Catalan enterprises in the world.

ACCIÓ is the collective response to the needs of the enterprises, born of consensus and cooperation among public and private agents, which is constantly adapting to new economic realities. In addition, it also works with other companies to add synergies and to ensure that Catalan enterprises have a wider range of tools to grow in competitiveness.

ACCIÓ is proximity, proactivity and willing to serve. ACCIÓ is flexible, dynamic, agile and efficient. ACCIÓ is capacity to anticipate, respond and take advantage of new opportunities in the international environment. ACCIÓ is the best ally for the Catalan enterprises.

ACCIÓ works to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase productivity and efficiency of Catalan enterprises and the efficiency of innovation, technology and talent.
  • Improve the positioning of Catalan products and services to international markets.
  • Increase the number of enterprises and international Catalan products.
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