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Inter-tex Project

SMEs in the textile - clothing sector of the SUDOE area share difficulties in internationalizing their products that need to be faced together: low cross-sectoral and inter-sectoral cooperation, limited resources and the difficulty of identifying opportunities in foreign markets due to the small size of the companies.

INTER-TEX promotes the joint internationalization of SMEs in the sector, boosting the supply and demand between the territories, activating trade cooperation initiatives and creating new transnational value chains.

Inter-tex News

The Virtual Fair “Show Room Fashion”

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Cointega has developed a Platform for Virtual Fairs in foreign markets and online commerce initiatives within the activities of the INTER-TEX project. The Virtual Fair "Show Room Fashion" is an online portal where SMEs from the textile sector of the SUDOE space will be able to exhibit their collections, so…

Joint International Group JIG POP-PUP SHOWROOM – MONTREAL


Within the activities of the INTER-TEX project, SMEs from France and Spain have carried out an action of the Joint Internationalization Groups (JIG) from March 1 to 23, 2019. This cooperative action has been through "joint pop-up shops" in the city of MONTREAL (CANADA): dynamic city with a strong European…

Training to learn to export through online commerce


A training to learn to export through online commerce attracts more than 50 small and medium enterprises in the textile sector The City Council of Igualada organizes a workshop through the European project InterTex More than fifty people from all over Catalonia attended the workshop on eCommerce and digital marketing…

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